Meet Trisha Dork

CEO of Elite Realty, real estate broker, coach, speaker, entrepreneur and creator of STARS Academy. Trisha is passionate & excited about coaching and training Realtors. She inspires them to accomplish their BIG goals and bust through ceilings to success! Trisha has trained hundreds of Realtors and has been a part of thousands of home sales. She has worked in both residential and commercial real estate, traditional, REO, investment, short sale & property management. She also has vast experience in both wholesale and retail lending from working as a loan processor, officer, account executive, branch team lead and underwriting loan restructure manager. Trisha has coupled her professional experience with academic knowledge from her Psychology Major at the University of Michigan to bring you the most cutting edge training platform in the real estate industry. Trisha was recently named as one of 2021s Top 12 Agents on Social Media in Michigan. She is also a wife and mom of two who loves running, lifting, goal crushing and FOOD! 

Meet Greg Goddard

Loan originator on Team Stork which is recognized as the top 1% of mortgage originators in America. Greg believes that building relationships and providing outstanding, transparent service allows him to help hundreds of families, year after year. Greg is passionate about exceeding client expectations, developing plans for home financing, and assisting people in becoming debt-free. Greg’s goal is to simplify the mortgage process for clients and establish relationships with Realtors and buyers that will last a lifetime. He believes in great communication and top-notch service EVERY TIME! Greg is also a Western graduate who enjoys golf and spending time with friends and family.

Meet Brian Heath

Area Sales Manager and Team Leader for America's Preferred Home Warranty in Southeast Michigan. Brian has 6 years of experience in the home warranty industry and a vast background in construction and homes. He has managed the 2nd largest producing territory in the country for APHW. He is passionate about helping Realtors build repeat business and giving homeowners peace of mind for the future of their homes. Brian is also a father of four and has done 20 years of ministry work. He believes strongly in the Golden Rule treat people as you would want to be treated and it shows through in his care with clients and Realtors.


Meet Heather Lusby

CEO of Epic Title a company focused on customer service and culture! Heather has been in the real estate/mortgage/title industry since 2002. She also majored in Psychology and firmly believes her love of psychology and what drives people to be who they are has really allowed her to hone in on her customer service skills and make a truly EPIC company. Heather is a wife, mom of 7 and loves spinning as a DJ for fun! Don't be surprised if you see her at your cousins wedding and if you do be sure to give her a fist bump and say thanks for the great training!